Electric vehicle chargers are popping up all over Southern California. Thanks to Southern California Edison (SCE), commercial EV charging stations will be at a business near you. That’s why sharing some crucial EV charging station info with clients and consumers is important. Here’s the definitive guide and some FAQs for commercial EV charging stations.

What Are Commercial EV Charging Stations?

Commercial EV charging stations are charging stations available for use by the public. They’re located in parking lots or garages at commercial or retail locations. 

These stations, operated by businesses, municipalities, or other organizations, may be available for use by anyone with a compatible EV, often for a fee. 

They are typically faster than residential charging stations and can provide a full charge in a short amount of time.

How Are Commercial EV Charging Stations Different From Home EV Chargers?

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Commercial EV charging stations are different from home EV chargers in a few key ways:

EV Charging Power Level 

Commercial EV charging stations have a higher power level than home EV chargers. 

This means that they can charge an EV battery much faster, often in a matter of hours, compared to overnight charging with a home EV charger.

Location Of EV Charging Stations

You can find commercial EV charging in public places, such as parking lots or garages at commercial or retail locations. Home EV chargers are installed in a personal garage or driveway.

Cost Of Commercial EV Chargers

Consumers purchase and install home EV chargers. Businesses typically operate commercial EV charging stations. As a result, commercial EV charging stations may require a fee, while home EV chargers are generally free for the EV owner.


Commercial EV charging stations are often connected to a network that allows for remote monitoring, billing and payment, and other features. On the other hand, home EV chargers are typically standalone units that do not have these advanced features.


Home EV chargers are usually specific to one make and model of EV. Commercial EV charging stations have different connectors to accommodate other EV models.

Commercial EV Charging Station FAQs

You’ve got questions; we have answers. Here are some common commercial EV charging station FAQs to clear things up.

Are Commercial EV Charging Stations Profitable?

It depends on various factors, including the location of the charging station, the number of users, and the cost of electricity. Commercial EV charging stations can be profitable if they are located in high-traffic areas and have many users. 

Additionally, the cost of electricity and the price at which it is sold to users can also impact profitability. 

As more electric vehicles hit the road and demand for charging stations increases, it will become even more profitable to operate commercial EV charging stations at your business.

How Can Car Dealerships Benefit From A Commercial EV Charging Station?

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Car dealerships with EV fleets are a prime target for free EV charger installation in Orange County. Car dealerships can benefit from a commercial charging station in several ways:

  • Increased foot traffic. EV charging stations can attract electric vehicle owners to the dealership, allowing them to browse and purchase a new vehicle.
  • Additional revenue stream. Car dealerships can charge EV owners a fee for using the charging station, generating extra income.
  • Enhanced reputation. Offering EV charging can enhance a dealership’s reputation as being environmentally friendly and forward-thinking.
  • Competitive advantage. By installing EV charging stations, a dealership can differentiate itself from competitors and attract EV buyers who may not otherwise consider the dealership.
  • Future-proofing the business. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, having charging stations at dealerships can help them stay relevant and prepared for the future.

Does Frequent Charging Damage EV Battery?

Frequent charging does not damage the battery of an electric vehicle as long as the charging is done within limits specified by the manufacturer. 

Modern EV batteries are designed to withstand thousands of charge cycles, and the battery’s capacity will gradually decrease over time, but this is normal. Using the appropriate charging equipment and avoiding overcharging the battery is also essential, as this can lead to damage.

How Do You Monetize A Commercial EV Charging Station?

There are several ways to monetize an EV charging station:

  • Pay-Per-Use. EV drivers pay a fee for each charging session. This can be done through a membership model or by using a credit card.
  • Advertising. Advertising space can be sold on the charging station or nearby billboards to generate additional revenue.
  • Sponsorship. Companies can sponsor charging stations and have their branding displayed on the station.
  • Subscription-based. EV drivers can pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to access a network of charging stations.
  • Roaming. EV drivers can pay to use other networks of charging stations by using a single account or card.
  • Charging as a Service. Some companies offer to charge as a service to companies and municipalities, including all the infrastructures, maintenance, and billing.

Depending on the location and the type of the charging station, some of these options may not be feasible. 

Evaluating the local EV regulations in Orange County and the market demand is essential before deciding on the right monetization strategy.

Are EV Charging Stations A Good Investment?

It depends on factors such as location, competition, and government regulations. 

If the demand for electric vehicles is high in an area and there is a lack of charging stations, a commercial EV charging station is a good investment. 

Additionally, it can be a successful venture if the station is well-located and has a competitive pricing structure. 

However, it’s important to remember that the EV market is still developing, and government regulations and incentives can change. It’s important to do your research and consult with experts before investing.

Install Free Commercial EV Chargers In Orange County With REPOWER Orange

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Again, thanks to Southern California Edison, REPOWER Orange can help install a commercial charging station on your property free of charge

Sure, installing will take some time, but SCE takes care of all infrastructure costs. In the end, you’ll have a profitable EV charging station to help your community keep moving.

For more information on EV chargers, how they work, and whether they’re a good fit for your business, get in touch with Eddie McLaughlin and REPOWER Orange!