Pros And Cons Of Solar Batteries: How To Save Money On Power Bills

Power bills are astronomical. And, unfortunately for business owners, there doesn’t seem to be any let-up on the horizon. In fact, over the next 25 years, Californians will likely pay well over $100,000 alone in electric bills. Californians pay almost 20% more in electric bills than the rest of the country. That’s why it’s well worth examining the pros and cons of solar batteries and how they can save you money each year.

Let’s start by exploring more about solar batteries and their primary functions.

What Are Solar Batteries?

orange county solar panel installer inspecting solar panels

Solar batteries are storage systems for excess power generated from your commercial solar panels. Solar panels, while highly efficient during peak hours of the day, don’t work at night

In short, you have a reliable power source in your business whenever the need arises. By not using a solar battery, you’re letting valuable power slip away. Along with allowing power to dissipate throughout the grid, you’re undercutting the possibility of huge savings.

How Do Solar Batteries Work?

When night falls and you need to keep the lights on in the office, solar batteries are your saving grace. 

For example, storing power in a solar battery allows you to keep things running during a power outage. If your business is open after dark, having Orange County solar installers and solar batteries is a must. Solar batteries offer this golden opportunity for self-reliance. All without dispersing electricity to the power grid during a power outage or you need to power appliances at night. 

Types Of Solar Batteries

There are different types of solar batteries: lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries.

Lead-Acid Batteries

This type of solar battery is a reliable choice. Lead-acid batteries are a time-tested form of battery, often found in cars, so you know they’re dependable. Perhaps most importantly, these batteries are cheaper.

But technology is always moving forward, and it’s no different for solar batteries. 

While lead-acid batteries are undoubtedly a cheap yet solid option,lithium-ion batteries may be your solar battery of choice.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

These newer solar batteries have more advanced technology and provide consumers with a longer charge. However, with all of the benefits of lithium-ion batteries, they’re much more expensive than their lead-acid counterparts.

So what are solar batteries’ main pros and cons, and how can they save business owners money in the long run? Let’s find out.

Solar Battery Pros

Now that we have a better overview of solar power batteries and their basic functions, here are some solar battery advantages.

Solar Batteries Save You From Power Outages

We briefly addressed this before, but it can’t be stressed enough. 

While a solar battery can save you during a blackout, it is only for a limited time. It depends on how much power you’ve stored in the battery. 

Power backup may be limited, but every bit matters, especially if there’s an outage on your block. As a business owner, you don’t need any more hiccups in your schedule than you already have.

Being Self-Sufficient: Don’t Rely On The Power Grid

Again, having a robust solar battery means you’re not beholden to the fluctuations of the power grid in your area. Orange County businesses with solar panels need not worry about outages since they can draw excess power from their solar batteries.

Saving Money With Solar Panels

Of course, a massive benefit of solar panels in Orange County is saving significant amounts of money on power bills. Regardless if you have a robust solar battery on your property or not, solar power makes a huge difference in your bottom line. 

Keeping It Green

With solar panels in Orange County providing backup power to your solar batteries, you’re directly reducing your carbon footprint. California is at the forefront of going green, including adopting the ambitious change of phasing out ICE cars in favor of electric vehicles.

You can get the jump on energy savings in Orange County with a comprehensive solar panel array and solar battery installation while tax incentives are in place for businesses.

Solar Battery Cons

While we love solar batteries and can sing their praises all day, there are some downsides we can’t ignore.

The Price Tag

It’s no surprise that this forward shift in tech sometimes carries a heft price tag. Solar panel installation and solar batteries may cost a lot at first, but your ROI will quickly make its way back to you within five years or less. You’ll soon see the savings you accumulate every month. For example, if we calculate solar power savings at our address, we would save nearly $100 monthly in utility bills.

However, Southern California Edison is on the business owners’ side with programs encouraging EV charging station installation in Orange County. The company covers everything, including infrastructure costs. All businesses need is an SCE commercial account and a plan for a few chargers to qualify for free EV chargers.


Solar arrays and solar batteries, like any complex system, need regular maintenance. There are more parts to consider for maintenance every year with a solar panel array in Orange County. 

Pros And Cons Of Solar Batteries: Making the Right Choice With REPOWER Orange

commercial solar panels in orange county

Thanks to Orange County solar panel experts, commercial business owners won’t need to deliberate over the advantages and disadvantages of solar batteries. 

Solar panels for businesses in Orange County are an extremely sound investment.

At REPOWER Orange, a team of experts will brief customers on how to store and use excess energy. You can even use that extra solar power as credit with Southern California Edison!

Whether you’re looking to install commercial solar panels in Orange County or several free EV chargers, REPOWER Orange will go over each step of the process with you.

Don’t be a prisoner to rising power bills. Use those thousands of dollars toward improving your commercial business. With solar panels in Orange County, you’ll be more self-sufficient and at the forefront of the green revolution.

Start saving on utility bills today and see a significant difference in your bottom line!