How often have you heard someone’s defense of not switching to electric vehicles (EVs) is that they’ll end up stranded on the side of the road with a dead battery? This is a classic case of range anxiety holding people back from adopting an exciting, cleaner technology.

Let’s talk more about this anxiety and the steps on how to squash it.

What Is Range Anxiety?

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EV range anxiety is the fear or concern that a car will run out of battery power before reaching a destination or suitable charging point, leaving them stranded.

Range anxiety can pop up in a few ways.

It could be the perceived limited range of electric vehicles compared to traditional gasoline-powered cars. Or the potential inconvenience and delay of finding a charging station or waiting for the battery to recharge.

Range anxiety is a big deal. Not because the fears of EV drivers are realistic (more on that later), but because if enough people have range anxiety, it prevents them from using EVs. By being hesitant to give up gas-powered vehicles, we’re no closer in our fight for a greener future.

That’s why addressing range anxiety is an essential step toward encouraging more people to adopt electric vehicles. We can help to curb those emissions and reduce the negative impacts of transportation on the environment. All by providing simple facts.

For example, improving battery technology, charging infrastructure expansion, and educating the public about the benefits and practicalities of electric vehicles.

Which we’ll do right now!

How To Fix Range Anxiety

It’s easy to fix range anxiety and EV worries. You do it by reading the facts. Electric vehicle owners shouldn’t worry about range anxiety for several reasons.

  • Better EV technology. EV battery technology has significantly improved recently. This allows for longer ranges on a single charge.
  • A growing EV charging network. The network of charging stations is rapidly expanding. This makes it easier to find a charging point when needed. This is especially true in Southern California, where Southern California Edison (SCE) offers installing free EV chargers in Orange County.
  • You’re not going to run out of charge. Let’s face it; many of us aren’t going on long daily road trips. Luckily, most people’s daily driving needs can be easily met by the current range of EVs. And charging can be done overnight at home or work. That means EV drivers can get the most out of level 1 and 2 EV chargers.
  • A charge is worth more than you think. The average person drives only about 30 miles per day. Many electric vehicles can travel 200 miles or more on a single charge, giving drivers plenty of flexibility in their daily driving.

Overall, as electric vehicle technology improves and the charging infrastructure expands, range anxiety will become less of an issue for EV owners.

Free Charging Stations In Orange County

A great way to completely fix range anxiety is free EV charger installation in Orange County. A free EV charger allows businesses to act as a model to the community, offering customers a charge while promoting a greener future.

Here are some other ways free EV charging stations in Orange County make a difference in the battle against range anxiety.

  • Reliable EV charging. It provides drivers with access to a reliable source of charging. Reliable charging reduces the fear that they may be unable to find a charging station when needed.
  • Lower costs for EVs. The availability of free charging stations helps offset the higher cost of electric vehicles. This makes them more attractive to potential buyers concerned about the cost of ownership.
  • Creating a network of EV chargers. Increasing the number of charging stations in the area makes it easier for drivers to plan their trips and travel longer distances without worrying about running out of charge.
  • Curbing emissions. Free EV chargers in Orange County can encourage more people to switch to electric vehicles. This can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

Overall, free charging stations in Orange County help make electric vehicles convenient and accessible for drivers. It also helps reduce range anxiety and other concerns that may keep people from switching to EVs.

How Southern California Edison Is Helping Promote EVs

ev charging station sign to help get rid of range anxiety with evs

Southern California Edison plans to install EV chargers in Orange County, California. The plan is part of SCE’s Charge Ready program, which aims to expand the availability of EV charging infrastructure throughout Southern California.

SCE will work with businesses and property owners in Orange County to install Level 2 charging stations in public places, such as parking lots and garages. These charging stations will provide EV drivers with a convenient place to charge their vehicles, reducing range anxiety and helping to encourage more people to make the switch to electric vehicles.

We at REPOWER Orange will install the charging station at no cost to property owners, and SCE will provide the electricity used to charge the vehicles.

SCE’s Charge Ready program is an important step towards increasing the availability of EV charging infrastructure in Orange County and getting rid of range anxiety.

Plus, it encourages more people to adopt electric vehicles as a cleaner, more sustainable mode of transportation.

Get Rid Of Range Anxiety With REPOWER Orange

At REPOWER Orange, commercial solar panel and EV charger installers are working hard alongside Southern California Edison to bring range anxiety to an end.

Get in touch with us at REPOWER Orange to start exploring how you can install a free EV charging station on your business’s property and start benefiting today.