When looking for solar installers near you, choosing a company and individuals who know the craft is essential. Here are key traits and necessities every solar installer and power needs to complete the job. But first, what do solar installers in Orange County do?

Commercial Solar Panel Installation In Orange County

First and foremost, these energy experts excel in solar installation. But good solar panel installation in Orange County is much more than skilled hands and a diligent work ethic.

Solar panel installation requires a deep knowledge of solar panels, their environmental impact, and engineering expertise.

Solar Projects In Orange County With REPOWER OC

With REPOWER OC, we work alongside commercial businesses and homeowners to achieve solar energy needs. We walk you through the process and meticulously craft solar energy plans and designs.

We then get to work installing solar panels in Orange County while keeping you up to date on the progress. Once we take care of all the permitting in your area, we turn on the solar energy panels. All you need to do next is enjoy solar power’s technology and benefits!

Work With Businesses To Capitalize On Renewable Energy

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Speaking of renewable technology and solar benefits, let’s talk about solar power and its benefits. It provides a cleaner, more sustainable future for our environment and families. Not to mention the financial benefits like solar panels impacting your property value.

But renewable energy has more benefits aside from financial. By 2030, 60% of California’s energy needs to come from renewable energy. This balance between sustainable energy and cutting back on power consumption has defined many of the energy debates in California. But there are some exciting solar projects lined up for the near future.

Solar Power In California: Preventing Drought

For example, California will go forward with putting solar panels over canals to combat droughts. This ambitious initiative, with an expected finish date of 2024, will prevent evaporation and minimize land clearance.

Writer Andy Corbley explains the origin of this idea from India.

“This idea actually began in the Indian state of Gujarat in 2014, when a pilot project covering 750 meters of canal space led to the creation of an entire canal-topped solar plant in Vadodara District, and another one totaling 100 megawatts off the Narmada River.

The unexpected takeaway from this water-saving initiative provided extra benefits.

Researchers in India found that the water running beneath the panels cooled them, too, preventing overheating and resulting in an average efficiency increase of between 2-5%.

Corbley further explains how this project in India can benefit solar power in California with its own canals.

There are around 4,000 miles of canals in California, which could produce up to 13 gigawatts of power which would cover around 750,000 homes, or around half of Los Angeles.

Solar power evolves and changes, giving business owners the chance to positively impact the environment and save on overall monthly costs. Advancements like thin-film solar, solar windows, and infrared spectrum solar panels are the tip of the iceberg.

Now that you know what a solar power installer knows and does, there are a few key traits every solar installer should possess.

Solar Installers In Orange County: Traits To Look For

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Working with quality solar panel installers is a big step for your commercial business. That’s why it’s vital to spot these traits and signs of expertise in your local solar panel installers.

Commercial Solar Installation Experience

It may seem obvious, but having an experienced solar installation crew is essential to success. The last thing you need is someone inexperienced installing solar panels on your home or business. Do your research! Do these solar installers near you have the credentials and years of experience to back up their expertise?

Knowledge Of Solar Panels

It’s one thing to know how to install solar panels. It’s another to know what makes up a solar panel.

With attention to detail and the inner workings of a solar panel, these installers ensure you receive the best service possible.

Customer Service Skills

In the end, a solar installer must have immaculate customer service skills. After all, a solar power installer is upgrading your home or business. You want to be able to trust this company and trust in its final product.

Making Solar Power Easy With REPOWER OC Commercial Solar Installers In Orange County

When you choose solar panel installers in Orange County with REPOWER OC, you know you’re getting a comprehensive customer experience.

It doesn’t matter if you own a car dealership looking to install electric vehicle chargers or a homeowner looking for renewable energy. Big Eddie and REPOWER OC are here to help you achieve renewable energy goals.

Now is the time to adopt solar power. Residential and commercial clients can save thousands of dollars on monthly utility bills and overall costs. For example, using REPOWER’s address, we can estimate that we can save nearly $100 a month after solar power installs in Orange, California.

Start saving with solar, and get solar power install help from REPOWER today!