The cost of electricity is slowly but surely increasing. It’s estimated that electricity prices in Orange County will rise between 5% and 8%. But luckily for Orange County business owners, there’s an alternative. Thanks to consistent sunny weather, solar is a viable option to save the environment. Solar power in Orange County works to combat high prices and saves the environment, too.

Additionally, it’ll save money in the long run with generous solar rate plans from Southern California Edison. Soon, the days of annual 8% increases will be but a memory for solar clients.

How Much Does Solar Save?

three solar power panels in orange county

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 2021, business owners paid 18.58 cents/kWh instead of the national average of 11.36 cents/kWh.

Orange County homeowners paid 23.58 cents/kWh vs. the national average of 13.72 cents/kWh.

But this is only part of the picture. According to Southern California Edison’s Time-Of-Use (TOU) rate plans that help users conserve energy, homeowners use anywhere from 30 to 50 cents worth of electricity.

This financial figure alone is your signal to install solar panels on your home or business.

REPOWER OC installs solar panels with a 25-year warranty. Over those 25 years, a business owner’s ROI is earned back in 5 years. With a quick turnaround, plus the elimination of high utility bills, solar in Orange County is the future of energy.

Harnessing solar energy is key to cleaner air in California.

A lack of electricity bills doesn’t hurt either. While electricity costs vary from business to business, adopting solar can reduce costs by 90%. Plus, if your business in Orange County produces extra solar power, you’ll receive credit from your utility company.

Instead of sinking 30% of a business’s cost into utilities, convert that into renewable energy and reinvest in your business. It’s a great PR move, too. Customers are more aware of environmental costs than before. By opting for clean energy via solar panels, you communicate to consumers that your company is committed to a cleaner future.

Not only are business owners saving money on utility bills from the get-go, but solar power installation is a sound investment all around.

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The solar investment tax credit is a 26% tax credit on solar for commercial businesses and homes. Since its 2006 launch, Orange County solar has seen a significant increase.

In short, homeowners and commercial businesses have been able to reinvest money used for expensive utilities back into their businesses.

The ITC allows companies to apply that 26% to their income taxes. It’s a win-win for homeowners and companies alike, as it takes money usually reserved for the federal government and diverts it to homeowners and companies.

However, the time for taking advantage of the ITC is now. As the years go by, the ITC will decrease from 26% to 22% in 2023 and will reach a baseline of 10% after 2023.

With more of the country embracing renewable energy programs, the ITC can expect to help companies save on costs for years to come.

The EV Connection

Installing electric vehicle (EV) chargers on your property is a fantastic way of boosting property values. You also have the added incentive of having Southern California Edison pay for the entire installation process.

Car dealerships, car washes, hotels, and office buildings embrace the gradual change from gas to electric, adding to their property values.

Businesses also benefit from Southern California Edison’s generous incentive to pay for the entire installation of Level 2 and Level 3 EV chargers on a property.

This development providing electricity for vehicles only bolsters the ability to embrace environmentally-sustainable practices. The combination of EV chargers and solar panels will outfit your business with the tools it needs to save money for years.

Solar Power And The Environment

Orange County is taking some initiative in boosting clean energy in California. Along with the plan to phase out gas-powered vehicles by 2035, these are significant steps towards environmental sustainability.

Solar Power in Orange County aims to help curb the harmful effects of climate change and provide a sustainable alternative to expensive electricity.

A significant development of widespread solar is the lack of air pollution. Orange County residents know the detrimental effect of smog, carbon emissions, and greenhouse gasses. There’s a vested interest in adopting solar as the dominant energy source.

To sum up, solar energy is the cleanest energy alternative available today.

Solar Power In Orange County With REPOWER OC

installation of solar power in orange county

With REPOWER OC, we’ll craft a tailor-made plan for your business.

Whether you’re a car dealership, hotel, or car wash, REPOWER will examine your property and draft a plan for your solar needs.

And don’t worry: REPOWER will take care of the paperwork. We work with your utility company and city to help you install solar in Orange County.

You won’t have to worry about the quick and efficient solar installation process. The REPOWER OC team will ensure your solar is ready to go and contact your power company to get the go-ahead. This is called the Permission to Operate or PTO.

Solar In OC: Renewable Energy For Decades

Regardless of your business, a solar company like REPOWER OC installing panels on your property will consistently save you money for decades.

Find out more about the best ways to save money on energy in Orange County by contacting our team.