With the 2035 deadline for phasing out gas-powered vehicles, investing in electric vehicles has never been more important. That means effectively shunning ICE cars and ICE vehicles in general. But what is an ICE car, and why are they on the way out in California? Let’s see how the state of California is leading the charge for a brighter, cleaner future of automotive innovation.

What Is An ICE Car?

ICE stands for internal combustion engine, meaning ICE vehicles are standard gas-powered vehicles with standard engines. With California’s initiative for 100% zero-emission electric vehicle (EV) sales by 2035, ICE vehicles could very well be a thing of the past.

For Californians, this marks an ambitious and progressive step toward cleaner air, less reliance on gasoline, and savings. Plus, the installation of free EV chargers in Orange County provides a further incentive to get on the EV train sooner rather than later.

Let’s break down the main differences between EVs and ICE vehicles in Orange County.

EV vs. ICE: Pros and Cons

EV use is on the rise. And with executive orders spurring California residents to opt for EVs, ICE cars and ICE vehicles are on the outs. But what are the key differences between the two? Here are some pros and cons of both ICE vehicles and EV use.


An ICE car, although reliable for decades, is on borrowed time. But these mainstays of American culture are a staple of life for a reason. Here are some benefits of operating and owning an ICE car.

Ample Fueling

Since ICE vehicles are the norm, you’re close to a refueling station at any given time. Unless you’re on a road trip, worrying about finding a gas station is hardly a concern.

While these vehicles are the standard way Angelinos and Orange County residents get around, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a cleaner future on the horizon. Let’s examine some cons of ICE cars.

ICE Cars Harm The Environment

Perhaps surprising to no one, the greenhouse gas emissions from ICE cars wreak havoc on the environment.

The U.S. Department Of Energy confirms this:

“Conventional vehicles with an internal combustion engine (ICE) produce direct emissions through the tailpipe, as well as through evaporation from the vehicle’s fuel system and during the fueling process. Conversely, all-electric vehicles produce zero direct emissions.”

Maintenance Costs

Going to the mechanic frequently makes bills pile up. Whether it’s a dead battery or an issue with the alternator, the pain of paying a lot of money can take its toll. With all those moving parts in ICE cars, it’s only a matter of time until something goes wrong.


woman using an ev charging station in orange county

Electric vehicles have some massive pros as well. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their fair share of drawbacks, too. Here are some benefits of EVs over ICE cars.

A Rise In Popularity

A massive ‘pro’ for electric vehicles is their rise in popularity. Even during COVID-19, electric vehicles experienced a significant increase in sales.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA):

“In the United States, despite a lack of EV stimulus measures at the federal level, electric car sales were 4% higher than in 2019 in a car market that shrank by 15%. This suggests that car buyers have a continued attraction to electric cars.”

In a world of lockdowns and car sale slumps, electric vehicles were a bright light for sustainability and efficiency.

This boom will only increase over the coming decade when California’s executive order N-79-20 goes into full swing.

Better Efficiency

Since electric vehicles run on electricity, their methods of operation are much more efficient. Electricity via free Orange County EV chargers is cheaper than gasoline, especially with high gas prices being the norm.

Add to that a battery that lasts much longer than an ICE car’s, about 12-15 years. For ICE cars, drivers must replace their batteries every few years, sometimes every year or two. At best, you can make it with a battery replacement after five years of use. Since EVs have much larger, efficient car batteries, it’s no contest.

Better Car Maintenance

Electric vehicles are easier to maintain than your run-of-the-mill gas-powered car. With all of those moving parts, any number of issues could pop up. How often have you seen your check engine light pop on at an inopportune time?

With EVs, fewer intricate parts mean less stress (and money) concerning car maintenance.

Here are some examples:

  • No oil changes
  • Regenerative braking, lessening brake wear and tear
  • No complex moving parts

EV owners don’t need to fork over thousands of dollars for any number of hiccups your ICE car experiences.

Electricity: Using It Your Way

Add home charging stations for your EV, plus solar panels on your roof, and you have a much more cost-efficient method of transportation. Generating your own electricity is perfect for your home or commercial businesses in Orange County.

If you own an Orange County car dealership or car wash, you can even charge clients for EV charging at your business. With electric cars, the potential is vast.

EVs are by no means perfect or without some kinks to work out. Here are some cons where EVs may fall short for reluctant drivers.

Higher Costs

For those without the money to readily spend on an EV, this could be a major roadblock in adopting EV use in California. However, the 2035 deadline is over a decade away; there is plenty of time for costs to come down and consider an efficient EV model.

Lack Of Charging Stations

This EV con will, over the next coming years, not be as big an issue. With Orange County EV chargers popping up everywhere, EV owners can eliminate that range anxiety that comes with an inadequate charge.

Are EVs Better Than ICE Cars?

It depends on what you’re looking for. However, with California ready to phase out every ICE vehicle by 2035, it’s better to adopt EVs as the cars of the future. While you can find ample spots to fuel your ICE car and pay a lower price (currently) for a model, charging stations in Orange County are quickly popping up. Likewise, costs will likely decrease as EV technology moves further along and EVs become a part of normal daily life.

EVs are a worthy option if you prioritize cutting emissions and don’t want to worry about constant, expensive car maintenance.

Ditching ICE Cars With REPOWER Orange

It’s time to start being proactive towards the environment and your wallet. With the help of Orange County solar installers at REPOWER Orange, making this momentous shift away from ICE vehicles has never been easier. Thanks to Southern California Edison, infrastructure costs for EV charger installations are entirely covered. In short, you have everything you need to ditch your ICE car and get a jump start on a new way of transportation.

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