You’ve seen solar panels on rooftops all over some areas of Orange County. You’ve also heard that solar power or renewable energy is good for the environment. But why are solar panels good for the environment?

It’s time to examine a few key benefits of embracing environmentally-friendly hardware. And maybe by the end of this article, you’ll be ready to harness solar energy to start conserving your energy use.

You’ll see just how beneficial renewable energy can be for business owners.

Environmental Benefits Of Solar Panels In Orange County

Thanks to recent legislation, solar energy as a whole will spur Orange County and California to adopt even more environmentally-friendly policies. What follows, ideally, is a national adoption of renewable energy.

Let’s see just how solar panels can change the face of your community.

Energy From Solar Panels Lowers Emissions

Simply put, solar energy reduces carbon emissions, greenhouse gasses, and a reliance on harmful fossil fuels. When fossil fuels burn, these gas emissions enter the environment, raising carbon dioxide levels.

Higher carbon emissions mean climate change and, by extension, extreme weather events are more severe. Californians are no strangers to frequent and deadly wildfires, with over 2.5 million acres of land burned in 2021, especially the severe Dixie fire, affecting Butte, Plumas, Shasta, Lassen, and Tehama counties.

Likewise, our East Coast counterparts grapple with severe blizzards, hurricanes, and tornadoes with alarming frequency.

With solar energy, humans start decreasing their carbon footprint. And reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

Along with making the environment nicer to look at, solar energy cuts excessive electricity use. As California shifts to greener pastures in the next few decades, investing in solar energy is imperative.

Breathe In The Air

Along with reducing environmental wear and tear from climate change, opting for solar cuts air pollution. Los Angeles, say goodbye to smog and hello to cleaner, more manageable air.

Solar Panels Help Save Energy (And Money, Too!)

Let’s face it: energy prices are rising. California experienced a massive spike in dealing with climate events, specifically raging wildfires across the state. California’s prices are heads and shoulders above the national average, too.

In the end, that means more budgeting to accommodate the cost of utilities. Everyone using the power grid all at once taxes the system and has officials asking for power conservation.

But with a solar panel system at a commercial business or home, property owners go on to save money. Solar panels also have an excellent track record of raising property values.

Business owners who value self-sufficiency and sustainability should be eager to adopt solar energy. It’s a natural fit. But why?

Businesses can generate their own electricity. With Southern California Edison, businesses with solar can produce excess energy and build up credit with the company.

Remember how solar energy lowers emissions? Better yet, the electricity produced by commercial businesses is renewable and clean. It makes the future just a bit brighter.

Speaking of a brighter future for California and the environment, there’s a wonderful side benefit of adopting solar energy.

A Greener Home Increases Property Value

residential roof with solar panels

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating every time: installing solar panels is shown to increase property value.

You can look around your home and likely find some areas you’d like to spruce up. But adding solar panels to the roof can significantly increase property value, just like a new kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Plus, solar panels are renovations that also give you a significant ROI. Even a solar panel system that produces 4 to 6 kW of energy helps raise the home value by tens of thousands of dollars.

People also like to see homes using solar energy. Hopefully, this acts as a domino effect, inspiring other homeowners and commercial businesses to harness solar power.

This shift towards sustainability with solar energy is a win-win for everyone involved, especially homeowners and business owners.

Installing Solar With REPOWER Orange

Using solar energy is probably more straightforward than you think. Well, with REPOWER Orange, we make it that way. With solar energy professionals at the helm, we meticulously plan, design, and construct comprehensive solar energy systems for residential and commercial properties.

Plus, we’ll go over how your solar energy will specifically impact you and your business. And your energy bills.

We take care of all the paperwork and red tape, too. Leaving the heavy lifting to us allows you to run your business normally.

You can then enjoy the many benefits of solar energy in Orange County without sifting through documents and permits. Once we get the green light from the power company, your solar energy system will activate.

All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch those power bills shrink. All thanks to renewable energy and solar panels.

A Clean Energy Source: Why Are Solar Panels Good For The Environment?

Simply put, solar panels carry with them the massive opportunity to not only save on power costs but also promote greener environmental policies.

These policies will positively affect the environment, and commercial businesses looking to adopt solar energy have an incredible opportunity.

By adopting solar power for a car dealership, hotel, or multi-family residential building, you’re acting as the vanguard of a sustainable movement. If you want to be a self-sufficient home or business owner, your property and solar energy are a natural fit.

It’s time for California to serve as a sterling example for the rest of the country. Time to cut emissions, conserve energy and money, to promote environmental health on a national scale.

And as a business owner, installing solar panels will pay off dividends. And quickly.